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Dark Horse 4 Elf Party and Bottle Release Details

A ludicrous tap list, live music, eclectic food selection, limited bottle release and people dressed up in elf costumes all at the same damn time – this is Dark Horse Brewing Company’s Annual 4 Elf Party (December 8 – 3pm to midnight, tokens for bottles handed out at 11am). Known for becoming a simultaneous holiday beer party and limited release, this event will have craft beer nerds flocking to the small town of Marshall, Michigan in droves.

While the event signals the annual arrival of 4 Elf Winter ale, the real showstopper is a bourbon barrel aged version of their already stellar Plead the 5th imperial stout. Dark Horse also has vintage bottles available this year, along with five other exclusive rarities.

Bottle information from the brewery:

2011 4 Elf Winter Ale: 19 cases / 2 – 4 pack limit

2012 4 Elf Winter Ale: 180 cases – no limit

2011 BBL Plead the 5th: 9 cases / 1 – 4 pack limit

2012 BBL Plead the 5th: 432 cases / 2 case limit

Amounts available and limits to be announced soon for the following:

Monster 29 (Imperial Barleywine)

BBL Monster 29 (Imperial Barleywine)

MMMM (Chocolate Rye Porter – Rye Whiskey BBL Aged)

Ginger in Your Pants (Imperial Red – Rye Whiskey BBL Aged)

Militiagan (Potable Oat Wine – Angels Envy BBL Aged)

As if this wasn’t quite enough, the brewery is rolling out 46 (yes, FORTY-SIX) of their draft beers including one-offs, barrel aged versions of popular favorites and a bunch of items I’ve never even heard of.

Check it out:

  1. Crooked Tree IPA
  2. Raspberry Ale
  3. Amber Ale
  4. Boffo Brown Ale
  5. Reserve Special Black Ale
  6. ONE Oatmeal Stout
  7. TOO Cream Stout
  8. TRES Blueberry Stout
  9. Plead the 5th Imperial Stout
  10. Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th
  11. Monster 29
  12. Bourbon Monster 29
  13. Thirsty Trout Porter
  14. Scotty Karate Scotch Ale
  15. KBE Dark Horse Volume II (coconut raspberry porter)
  16. Tall, Dark, and Crunchy’s
  17. Death Star Lover
  18. Artic Dekoorc Eert
  19. Ollirama Dekoorc Eert
  20. Sc-7 Dekoorc Eert
  21. GingeRed
  22. Militiagan
  23. Ginger in yer Pants
  24. MMMM
  25. HomoBourbonSapien
  26. Whiskey Richard
  27. Lambeek wants Dragonfruit
  28. Lambeek wants Passionfruit
  29. Perkulator Coffee Dopplebock
  30. Aigre Plead the 5th
  31. King of the Forrest
  32. Sour 3 Guy off the Scale Old Ale
  33. Lost Droid Chenstnut Porter
  34. Wassupwiththemonkey Blueberry Ale
  35. F.F. Dekoorc Eert
  36. Edacsac Dekoorc Eert
  37. Belgianator Belgian IPA
  38. Bourbon MMMM
  39. Sarsaparilla 666 Stout
  40. Sahti
  41. Westy Wendell’s West Coast Wheat
  42. 4 Elf 2011
  43. 4 Elf 2012
  44. Kmita Kolsch
  45. MBG 15 Ann’y Ale
  46. Bourbon Militagan

Crazy, right? Read the rest of the important details (seriously, read it) on their official event page.


2 responses

  1. denise kruczyk

    Poor planning, they ran out of tokens to give out—– really!!!!!!!!!! One or 2 people distributing tokens??????? About 300 in line! Are you insane??????

    December 8, 2012 at 5:10 pm

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