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Upcoming Hill Farmstead Bottle Releases

Shaun Hill and the gang at Hill Farmstead are staying busy during this chilly winter season as they prepare a host of new bottle releases for the upcoming months. From bourbon barrel-aged porters to spontaneously fermented wild ales, there’s a little something for everyone from December through May. Some of the finer details such as bottle limits and exact release dates are still to be determined, so check their official site for more updates.

Official list from the brewery:

Twilight of the Idols: 500ml: No limit. $8 Gone until December 19.

Juicy: Wine barrel aged New Zealand hopped saison. (Limit 2): 375ml : $10 GONE. Maybe again in 2013…

Birth of Tragedy: Imperial Porter aged in Bourbon Barrels. 500ml. $15 4 bottle limit. Will be on the shelf by 12/12/12…

Earl: Brewing next week. Bottles available early February 2013.

Phenomenology of Spirit: Our Dark Saison. This version was sent through our coolship and 100% spontaneously fermented with Greensboro/Hill Farmstead airborne yeast. 375ml. $10. February?

Spontaneously Fermented Ale. $15 375ml. Limit 1. February 2013? (Shelf Item).

Biere de Norma. Our Biere de Mars. Release: March 2nd. 750ml. $15. Limit 2?

Flander’s (style) Red: May 2013. 375ml.


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