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Kuhnhenn Winter Solstice 2012

The coldest of seasons is quickly arriving, and with it comes Kuhnhenn Brewing Company’s annual Winter Solstice Release Party. Kicking off on Friday 12/21 at 9am (to go sales at 11am), the celebration sees the Warren, MI brewery releasing over 20 different beers and meads to warm your wintery insides.

Dan the Smoken Man will be back again with complimentary smoked turkey and ham sandwiches (which were evidently a huge hit last year), and master glass blower Chris Nordin will be blowing custom glassware throughout the weekend.

Numbered tickets will be handed out to organize the bottle sales, and all order forms must be completed and turned in shortly after receipt to secure your place in line. NO outside beers are allowed, so please respect the brewery.

NOTE – there are other “preliminary” lists floating around with inaccurate information (Raspberry Eisbock, BA French Toast and BA Barleywine will NOT be available). Below is the REAL rundown from the brewery.

Bottles available at the event (limits in parentheses):

(1) 2011 Dark Heathen Triple Bock $8.00

(2) 2011 4th Dementia Olde Ale $8.00

(12) Winter Wonder lager $7.00

(24) Simcoe Sillier $7.00

(12) 2012 4th Dementia Olde Ale $7.00

(24) Sol Invictous $6.00

(12) 2012 Barrel Aged 4th Dementia $8.00

(3) Barrel Aged Solar Eclipse $12.00

(24) Nine $6.00

(12)Christmas Stollen $7.00

(1) 2011 Barrel Aged 4th Dementia $9.00

(12)Aldebaran $7.00

(12)A Few Shillings Too Many $7.00

(12)American Imperial Stout $7.00

(1)Brazilian Pepper Mead $18.00

(1)Apricot Melomel $18.00

(1)Candy Apple Pyment $18.00

(1)Chocolate Rasp. Port Pyment $22.50

(1)Chocolate Orange Port Pyment $22.50

(1)Citrus Blossom $15.00

(1)Nine Braggot

(1)Cyser $18.00

Kuhnhenn Brewing Company is located at 5919 Chicago Road in Warren, MI.


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