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Foothills Sexual Chocolate 2013

foothills brewing, sexual chocolate

Foothills Brewing Company’s most popular beer, Sexual Chocolate is set to return again on February 2. Packaged in 22oz bombers for $15 each, sales will start at 10am at the brewery with a 4 bottle limit per person.

There aren’t any tickets, calendar pages, wristbands or anything else to guarantee your spot in line, so arriving EARLY is pretty much required for this one if you want to land some bottles. Sexual Chocolate will also be available on draft starting on February 1.

The brewery hasn’t released an official bottle count yet, but previous years were as follows:

2008 – 500 bottles

2009 – 600 bottles

2010 – 1000 bottles

2011 – 1200 bottles

2012 – 1800 bottles

Commercial description:

By far our most famous offering, this Valentine’s Day seasonal only comes out once a year.  Infused with organic cocoa nibs and running 9.5% ABV, this Russian imperial stout is a deep opaque black in color, offering notes of espresso, blackstrap molasses, toffee, and dark fruits.

Foothills Brewing Company is located at 638 West 4th St in Winston-Salem, NC.


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