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Upcoming Hill Farmstead Bottles for 2013

Over the weekend, Hill Farmstead dropped an insane list of upcoming bottle releases running through August 2013. They’re also setting up a small amount (approx 150) of reserve society memberships with more details coming in February, so stay tuned.

Official list from the brewery:

  • Twilight of the Idols: 500ml: No limit. 8$
  • Florence: Bottled. Available January 23rd. 750ml. 10$
  • Fear and Trembling: Smoked Baltic Porter. Lagered in Stainless. February 13th. 500ml. 8$
  • Biere de Norma. Our Biere de Mars. Release: February 27th. 750ml. 20$. Limit 3?
  • Double Barrel Damon: 1 year in Port, 1 year in VW Bourbon. 375ml. 20$ Limit 1 March 2013?
  • Grassroots Brewing Convivial Suaréz: Saison brewed with Hibiscus. February 27th. 750ml. 10$
  • Phenomenology of Spirit: Our Dark Saison.  This version was sent through our coolship and 100% spontaneously fermented with Greensboro/Hill Farmstead airborne yeast.  375ml. 10$. March 20th?
  • Spontaneously Fermented Ale.  15$ 375ml. Limit 1. April 2013
  • Hill Farmstead/Jackie O’s/Crooked Stave: Release #1: Oud Bruin brewed with Ohio Walnuts. Aged 18 months in oak barrels.  375ml. 12$. Limit 4 April 2013?
  • Flora aged with Satsuma Mandarins: 375ml. 15$ Proper name forthcoming. May 2013.
  • Flander’s (style) Red: May 2013. 375ml.
  • Civil Disobedience #6: Blend of Art and our Favorite Belgian Lambics: 375ml 15$ June 2013
  • Flora: 375ml 10$ June 2013
  • Genealogy of Morals: Wheat/Coffee Imperial Stout, VW and BT barrels: 500ml 15$ June 2013
  • Damon: Russian Imperial Stout: Bourbon Versions 500ml 15$ July 2013
  • Damon: Russian Imperial Stout: Port Barrel Versions 500ml 15$ July 2013
  • Everett: Bourbon Barrel Aged Treatments: 500ml 15$ August 2013
  • Civil Disobedience #7: Blend of oak aged Sankt Hans, Clara, and misc. barrels: August 2013
  • Madness and Civilization: TBA: Series of Blended Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stouts 500ml 15$

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