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Spring Cleaning Upland Lambics

Apparently while enduring some seasonal cleaning up the new brewery, the employees of Upland discovered some cases of lambic lost in the recent move. The brewery decided to toss these up for sale (in extremely limited quantities) on Saturday, February 23 at the Bloomington Brewpub and Indianapolis Tasting Room.

The details:

  • Bottle sales start at 11am in Bloomington and noon in Indianapolis
  • No online reservations – first come, first serve
  • One bottle per style with two bottles maximum limit
  • Bloomington will have 3 cases of Blackberry and Raspberry, and 2.5 cases of Gilgamesh. The Indianapolis Tasting Room will have 4 cases of Raspberry, and 2 cases each of Blackberry and Gilgamesh.
  • Fruited lambics are $20 each and the Flanders Red Ale is $25

The Bloomington Brewpub is located at 350 W 11th Street and the Indianapolis Tasting Room is at 4842 N College Ave.


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