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The Lost Abbey Announces Sede Vacante Release

Religious or not, chances are you’ve heard about the recent Papal vacancy in the Roman Catholic church, after the current pope resigned for the first time in over 500 years. Inspired by this rare occurrence, The Lost Abbey delved into their supply of over 850 oak barrels to create a new blended, barrel-aged beer, Sede Vacante.

Latin for “vacant seat,” Sede Vacante is a blend of barleywines aged in Cognac barrels and brandy barrel-aged Angel’s Share, clocking in at 15% ABV. The exact components of the beer remain undisclosed, but portions of this have spent upwards of 5 years resting inside oak barrels.

The details:

  • First come, first serve on Saturday, March 23 at 10am
  • “Likely less than” 100 cases available
  • $35 per 750mL bottle
  • Limits TBA

The Lost Abbey and Port Brewing Company is located at 155 Mata Way, Suite 104 in
San Marcos.


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