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Green Flash Brewing Company Expands Barrel Program

Great news on the barrel-aging front coming out of sunny Southern California, as Green Flash Brewing Company just picked up two truckloads of Heaven Hill whiskey barrels. While all of the brewery’s bourbon-forward creations have been experimental, extremely limited offerings (brewery or draft-only), the expansion will allow them to dramatically increase production of Silva Stout, a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout which (up until now) has never left the San Diego area.

After adding to their current stash of less than 100 oak barrels, Green Flash will use the newly acquired Heaven Hill barrels to age Silva Stout for 15-18 months, ramping up production to 6,000 cases. Early plans are for release and distribution during mid-2014, but as with all barrel-aged beers, this “will be ready when it’s ready.”

Green Flash’s plans for a second production brewery in Virginia Beach (mirroring their San Diego location) also include a barrel program, so expect to see even more from brewmaster Chuck Silva and company in the future.


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