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Kuhnhenn March Meadness Week 4 Preview

Kuhnhenn March Meadness is heading into its final week of boozy, honey-fueled deliciousness. In case you aren’t privy to the details, every day in March the brewery will release a unique, house-crafted mead available for purchase at the tasting room in Warren. Specific pricing, limits and descriptions are announced each morning via the Kuhnhenn Facebook page.

Week 4 meads:

3/22 Shamaretto – It is our Citrus (Blossom) Mead finished with a super-premium almond extract. It is very nutty with cherry-like flavors and aromas. $18 375ml
3/23 Peach Apricot Chardonnay Pyment
3/24 Saffron Metheglin
3/25 Blue Raspberry
3/26 Mexicarmel (will explain on release day)
3/27 Boysenberry Melomel
3/28 Put the Lime In the Coconut Curry

Week 3 recap:

3/15 Mint Chocolate Chip – This blue-green hued mead tastes like it sounds…sweet, minty, and chocolatey! Have something green for St. Patty’s Day! $18 375ml

3/16 CBBB – Bourbon Barrel Aged Mead age with groung Creme Brule coffee beans. Comple4x and very tasty! $20 375ml

3/17 Bourbon Barrel French Toast – Wildflower Mead, aged in a Bourbon barrel, then it is flavored with bananas, hazelnuts, Maple syrup and spices. Tasty! $20 375ml

3/18 Blueberry Pinot Noir Pyment – It is our Citrus (Blossom) Mead blended with Blueberry Pinot Noir. Slightly sweet and fruity. $18 375ml

3/19 Chili Lime – Citrus (Blossom) Mead flavored with Ancho peppers and lime juice. It is subtly spicy and tart. $18 375ml

3/20 Mint2 – It is our Citrus (Blossom) Mead aged with both peppermint and spearmint. It is slightly sweet and has a complex mint character. $18 375ml

3/21 Chocolate Orange Port Pyment – It is our Citrus(Blossom) Mead blended with our Chocolate Orange Port with a splash of Tangerine added. This is dessert in a glass! $22 375ml

Week 2 recap:

3/8 Vanilla Gorillabilly – Michigan Wildflower Mead age in a Bourbon barrel. It is then aged with loads of premium vanilla beans. $20 375ml

3/9 Pomegranate Zin Pyment – Citrus Blossom Mead and our Pomegranate Zin. It is lightly sweet and fruity with a clean and pleasant finish. $18 375ml

3/10 Peppermint Metheglin – Citrus Blossom Mead with and absurd amount of peppermint leaves and tea! Cooling and refreshing! We will open at six. $18 375ml

3/11 Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc Pyment – slightly sweet with a crisp finish. $18 375ml

3/12 Cinnamonster’s Inferno – Citrus Blossom Mead with copious amounts of cinnamon and chipotle pepper. It is semi-sweet, smoky, spicy, and fruity. $18 375ml

3/13 Strawberry Lychee Traminer Pyment – a blend of our Citrus Blossom Mead and Strawberry Lychee Traminer wine. It is fruity and slightly sweet. $18 375ml

3/14 Lemon Drop Melomel – Citrus Blossom Mead with lemon juice and a splash of lemon extract. It tastes like the candy…only better! $18 375ml

Week 1 recap:

3/1 Espresso Mead: This is our Citrus (blossom) Mead blended with Schuil Italian Roast Espresso beans. There is a lot going on here. Coffee and honey notes play off of each other in both the flavor and aromas. There is a pleasant sweetness that cleans up quickly due to the lively acidity on the finish. There is a one bottle per person/per day limit. $18 375mL

3/2 Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio Pyment: It is a blend of citrus blossom honey and our brand new Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio. It is slightly sweet with a delicate fruitiness and a cleansing acidity. Yummy! $18 375mL

3/3 Pepper Pot: This VERY SPICY mead is Citrus Blossom Mead with three types of peppers(red chile, ancho, and chipotle). It has loads of honey with complex pepper aromas and flavor. It is hot…but not over the top. $18 375mL

3/4 Spiced Peach Icewine Pyment: It is a blend of our Citrus Blossom Mead and our fantastic Okanagan Spiced Peach Icewine. This mead is sweet, tart and has a wonderful aroma of vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. $22 for a 375ml bottle.

3/5 Sherry Cask: This version of our Citrus Blossom Mead was aged on Oloroso Sherry cask chips that were rehydrated with our Sherry for many months. Every time the chips absorbed the sherry I added a little more until they were saturate. Ruich and subtly oaky. $18 375ml

3/6 Green Apple Riesling Pyment: This mead is a blend of our best selling Green Apple Riesling and Citrus Blossom Mead. Slightly sweet and fruity with a crisp-clean finish. $18 375ml

3/7 Mocha Mead: It is a blend of Citrus Blossom Mead, epresso coffee beans(ground), cocoa nibs, and cocoa powder. It is intense in both flavor and aroma. $18 375ml

Kuhnhenn Brewing Company is located at 5919 Chicago Road in Warren.


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