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Captain Lawrence Rosso E Marone Release Coming Soon

Nearly 2 years removed from the Batch 3 release at the old brewery in Pleasantville, Captain Lawrence is finally leaking more information about the latest batch of Rosso E Marone. Currently bottled and conditioning (read: carbonating), the brewery announced this one will follow the new “silent” release model adopted after moving to their new facility in Elmsford.

Gone are the chilly overnight, outdoor camp outs, huddled around the picnic table for ludicrous bottle shares and beer talk. Instead, Captain Lawrence puts their limited sour and barrel-aged ales out in the tasting room “when they’re ready” and alerts fans via their website and social media.

From The Captain’s Log:

“Captain Lawrence won’t post a release date in advance, but will make the Rosso E Marrone’s availability known on the website soon as the beer, currently bottle-conditioning in the brewery, is ready.

‘It’s sitting as we wait for it to carbonate,’ says Scott. ‘The beer will tell us when it’s ready.'”

For the first timers, Rosso E Marone is an American Sour Ale fermented with grapes and aged in oak barrels.

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company is located at 444 Saw Mill River Road in Elmsford.


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