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Troegs Prepares Splinter Gold 2013


Don’t adjust your monitors – this is the real deal. Now over 3 years in the making, Troegs is preparing the second release of Splinter Gold, with corked and caged bottles now filled and conditioning. The rumor mill has been out of control for this beer, as people have widely been left to speculate since this was re-brewed back in March 2010.

Release date and full details are still pending, but this batch should be MUCH larger than the miniscule 300 bottle release 3 years ago that’s transformed into a whale-like brew on the trading boards.

Rumors for people to argue over:

  • Splinter Gold will be released in 375mL bottles (likely false – 2013 labels are for 750mL)
  • Splinter Gold will be on-premises consumption only (also likely false – people are reporting there will be to-go sales)
  • Part of the Splinter Gold batch was dumped
  • The new batch is upwards of 8 times larger than the original (which was produced by 2 wine barrels)

Seriously though – for sure there will be another Splinter Gold release soon at the brewery in Hersey. Stay tuned for more updates while we all await word from Troegs.

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