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Update on New Bottles from Cascade Barrel House

A few juicy bites of news coming out of the wild and funky Cascade Barrel House this week, with some updates on 3 bottled sour ales. Satisfy your craving for the bug-induced barrel-aged brews with these:

Manhattan NW (available NOW):

A blend of spiced Blond Quads that were aged in Bourbon barrels for up to 12 months before aging on cherries and noyaux for up to an additional 13 months. This was already released, but still available for $30 with a limit of four bottles per person, in-house only.

Bourbonic Plague (bottled and being labeled):

The brewery is “hoping” for a May release date, but brewmaster Ron Gansberg will let everyone know when it’s ready to hit shelves.

Elderberry (bottle conditioning):

A sour red ale comprised of a blend of beers that were aged between 12 and 24 months in oak wine barrels, then additionally aged on elderberries for five to 12 months. This will be in-house only, NO internet sales and hopefully available in May.

The Cascade Brewing Barrel House is located at 939 SE Belmont Street in Portland.



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