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14th Avery Barrel-Aged Release May 4

avery volunt

Avery Brewing Company is keeping the barrel-aged specialties coming, dropping their 14th release in the series on Saturday, May 4 at their brewery in Boulder. Volunt Plus Erat, or “Wish there was more” in Latin, is a barrel-aged sour ale aged in neutral Zinfandel barrels for 14 months. The beer was brewed with Cabernet Franc grape must and treated with with lacto and pedio to achieve the lactic sourness Avery was shooting for.

The details:

  • Bottle sales start at 5pm at the brewery
  • $8 per 12 ounce bottle, 6 bottle limit per person
  • “A plethora of rare beers on tap” (no list yet)
  • 55 cases available (with an additional 23 held back by the brewery)

Avery Brewing Company is located at 5763 Arapahoe in Boulder.

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