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Crooked Stave ROYGBIV Day and Wild Wild Brett Violet Release May 19


The Crooked Stave Barrel Cellar is set to blow with an insane tapping of the entire Wild Wild Brett series on Sunday, May 19, topped off with the latest bottle release of Wild Wild Brett Violet (WWBV). ROYGBIV Day (or Rainbow Day) kicks off at noon, featuring staggered tappings of every beer in the series, with Violet, St. Bretta and Hop Savant available ALL day.

While Crooked Stave has made the official switch to 375mL bottles, WWBV will be the final 750mL release “for the forseeable future.”

The details:

  • WWBV bottle sales start at 12pm
  • 6 bottle limit per person
  • 1500 bottles available (per this Facebook post)

Tap times:

  • 1:00pm Wild Wild Brett Rouge
  • 1:30pm Wild Wild Brett Orange
  • 2:00pm Wild Wild Brett Yellow
  • 2:30pm Wild Wild Brett Green
  • 3:00pm Wild Wild Brett Blue
  • 3:30pm Wild Wild Brett Indigo

Commercial description for WWBV:

“Like all of the Wild Wild Brett Series, Violet is a 100% Brettanomyces beer. Violet was brewed with pomegranate and lavender and fermented on whole fruit passion fruit. After fermentation Violet was then dry-hopped with an experimental hop (Ex. 366) that we received from our growers.”

The Crooked Stave Barrel Cellar is located at 1441 W. 46th Ave #19 in Denver.


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