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Next Release in Avery Barrel-Aged Series Coming June 9

Avery Momi Hiwa

If this one doesn’t get your mouth watering, I don’t know what will. Avery’s 15th release in the barrel-aged series is coming up right on the heels of Volunt Plus, as they rapidly shift gears from a fruited sour ale to a rum barrel-aged coconut porter. Momi Hiwa will debut on June 9 at the brewery (although this apparently might see some distribution as well) in typical 12 ounce bottle format, delivering a heavy duty sipper weighing in at 16.19% ABV.

Commercial description:

“Much like a certain fabled two-piece candy bar of our youth, rich, dark chocolate notes accented with aromatic toasted coconut. What would ad depth and character to this already delicious combo, we wondered? The answer is time (6 months) well spent in the very best rum barrels available.”

Only 362 cases were produced, so expect this one to move quickly. More info will be posted about the release once it’s available from the brewery.


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