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Cantillon Zwanze Day 2013 Announced

zwanze day 13


Cantillon announced the 2013 edition of Zwanze Day today, so mark your calendars now for Saturday, September 14. The international celebration will go down at “around 40 locations,” up from 35 in 2012, with Scotland and Switzerland being two newcomers to the party.

Followers might recall the intended lambic for Zwanze 2012 wasn’t going to be ready in time for the event, prompting owner/brewer Jean Van Roy to recreate Zwanze 2008 (rhubarb lambic) as an alternate selection. When the information was originally posted last year, Cantillon announced “they hoped” the top-fermentation beer intended for Zwanze 2012 would eventually be released for 2013 – but no official details regarding this year’s Zwanze have been released yet.

Zwanze Day is an international, simultaneous tapping of a one-off Cantillon lambic that visits a handful of special locations around the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. Nearly all of the beer is draft-only, allowing as many people to taste it as possible while cutting down on black market reselling and profiteering, which prompted the first Zwanze Day in 2011.

Previous releases:

  • Zwanze 2008 – Rhubarb lambic
  • Zwanze 2009 – Elderflower lambic, eventually became Mamouche
  • Zwanze 2010 – Spontaneously fermented witbier
  • Zwanze 2011 – Recreation of Pinot D’Aunis, a fruit lambic brewed with Pineau d’Aunis grapes
  • Zwanze 2012 – Recreation of Zwanze 2008

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