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Kuhnhenn Summer Solstice Reserve Draft List June 21

Kuhnhenn released their reserve draft list for tonight Friday, June 21 on Facebook last night (spoiler: it’s a doozy). I’ll let the list do the talking:

  • Dark Heathen
  • BB4D
  • Pineapple Play in the Hay (sour)
  • Blueberry Play in the Hay (sour)
  • Peach-Pear Cider
  • 2010 Extraneous Ale
  • 2011 Vintage Ale
  • 2011 Fourth Dementia
  • Blueberry Eisbock (tapping at 9pm)

As if this wasn’t enough, two meads were added to Saturday’s release:

  • Peach Icewine Pyment – $22.00 per 375mL, Limit 2
  • Raspberry Truffle Braggot – $18.00 per 375mL, Limit 4

Have fun everyone!

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