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Lawson’s Maple Tripple 2012 Release Dates

The 2012 edition of Lawson’s Maple Tripple is ready to see the light of day, slated for release at upcoming farmer’s markets in Waitsfield over the next 4 months. If your mouth isn’t watering already, Maple Tripple is a strong ale brewed with maple sap and aged in maple liquor bottles for a year before bottling (enough maple for ya?).

The details:

  • Maple Tripple will be available during Lawson’s appearances at the Waitsfield Farmer’s Market on July 6, August 10, September 21 and October 12
  • $25 per 500mL bottle
  • Limit 4 per person

July 6 release details:

  • Numbered tickets will be handed out at 8am to hold  your place in line
  • Sales begin at 9am
  • ALL beers are limit 4 per person (except Smoked Maple Lager, no limit) with amounts subject to change based on turnout
  • Other beers for sale will be Double Sunshine IPA ($9), Chinooker’d IPA ($8), Black Toast IPA ($7), Spring Fever Session IPA ($7) and Smoked Maple Lager ($5)

The Waitsfield Farmer’s Market is on Route 100, Mad River Green.


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