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New Block 15 Bottle Release August 3


More news out of the Block 15 camp this week, as the next bottle release is slated for Saturday, August 3 at the brewery in Corvallis. Les Caves will also be hosting a bottle brunch, and reservations guarantee the opportunity to purchase an allotment (email to get on the list).

Prices and limits are still pending, but here’s some details on the available beers from their recent newsletter:

Sticky Hands – Back to our flagship Sticky Hand, we have tweaked the recipe and our techniques to bring you our finest hop experience effort!

Ferme de La Ville Provisions – Our yearly farmhouse ale, 30% matured in oak barrels 12 months.

Turbulent Consequence Spontaneously Fermented Program – Two years ago we began a spontaneously fermented program inspired by the great Lambic ales of Belgium. These beers are painstakingly crafted with a multi-step turbid mash, four-hour boil with aged hops, and then naturally cooled in our custom fabricated coolship. French oak barrels are then filled where spontaneously fermentation and extended maturation occurs. Select barrels will be blended at various times, sometimes with fruits, to bring you unique offerings from the program. Keep an eye on Nick’s Brewer’s Brain for an in depth look into this intriguing program. From these barrels we are releasing two selections, Première Année, a blend of two one-year-old barrels, and Pêche a blend of two barrels matured with fresh peaches.

They also announced the delay of Golden Canary, which apparently isn’t quite ready for blending. Currently, they’re shooting for the Fall.

Block 15 Restaurant and Brewery is located at 300 SW Jefferson in Corvallis. Les Caves is right next door.


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