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Cigar City Announces El Catador Club

Cigar City Brewing

Cigar City announced their own ‘reserve society’ this week with the unveiling of their El Catador Club. Similar to other offers of this nature, members will be guaranteed access to limited beers, as well as the opportunity to purchase additional bottles, taproom discounts and more.

Specific beers and instructions for purchase aren’t available yet, but we do know that trustees will be allowed and one of the beers included with be a Barrel-Aged Hunahpu’s variant.

From the brewery:

– Membership is $120 (add 5% for credit card purchases)

– Membership guarantees you to one bottle of 5 barrel-aged beers to be released periodically over the course of your membership

– This membership does not have a set time period; membership concludes 30 days after the release of the 5th and final bottle. You will have first of refusal for the second installment of El Catador Club

– None of the beers are determined yet, but ONE will be a barrel-aged variant of Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout

– Depending on the yield from each batch, there is potential for purchasing additional bottles for each member. This will only be determined when that beer is ready to be released to the club

– You will have advance notice of other beer releases and the chance to purchase these bottles before non-club members

– Other perks include an El Catador Club t-shirt, a membership card, 10% off all purchases in the tasting room, potential for advanced access to ticketed events and possibly members-only special beers on tap or available in growlers in the tasting room

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.


5 responses

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  3. Awesome brewery. I stopped in not too long ago. Love the exclusivity of the club. I only wish that I lived closer.

    July 25, 2013 at 5:48 pm

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