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Cigar City Catador Club Membership Sale Details

Cigar City Catador ClubCigar City is locked and loaded to begin sales for their El Catador Club, beginning at 5pm on Sunday, July 21. Similar to other reserve societies and clubs, this guarantees members 5 bottles of barrel-aged beer (one being Hunahpu’s) and first right to purchase other limited brews upon their release, along with discounts and the like.

While the initial announcement stated sales would be at their tasting room on Spruce Street in Tampa, the brewery made a logistical move to hopefully make the process a bit smoother than it has been in the past. Read this one carefully, as this is a significant change.

The details:

Sales for memberships start at 5:00pm. These sales will take place at the old Sears & Roebuck building across the street from the brewery on Spruce Street. This lot has been used for additional parking for a couple years now. There’s a large sign in front of it saying “Cigar City Parking.”

There is a specific location (noted on the map below) where the memberships will be sold, and where the line will be starting. We encourage people who choose to line up beforehand to wait on the sidewalk that encircles the building (as shown on the map). As we get closer to the start of the sales we will also have some CCB employees helping guide the line, if there is one.

Folks who pay in cash will get a 5% discount, so we encourage everyone to bring cash, not just for saving money, but to also help speed the line along.

However, we must state a very crucial point, one that cannot be said enough: THERE IS NO DRINKING ALLOWED IN THIS LOT. PERIOD. The lot is not wet-zoned, meaning alcohol consumption of any kind is not permitted. We will have zero tolerance for drinking, and if you are caught, you will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to purchase an El Catador Club membership, period, no questions asked.

We also want to discourage any sort of overnight camping at the Sears building or at the tasting room, because we will not have security at either location. Also: there is no bathroom available to use at the Sears building. Please plan wisely.

Keep in mind that people will also be using the lot to park, so please play it safe and stay on the sidewalks.

Also, Florida is the kind of place where it’s really hot and also it rains a lot, so please keep that in mind; bring your various lotions, umbrellas, and whatever else you think you’ll need if you plan to wait a bit in line.

We encourage folks to fill out their membership form in advance, which can be found online here. Please make sure everything is filled out correctly ahead of time.

El Catador Club


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