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New Beers from Almanac Beer Co.

Northern California’s Almanac Beer Co. is busy in the barrel room again, releasing 2 new beers in their Farm to Barrel series. Each of these brews celebrates the time-honored tradition of oak-barrel aging while incorporating seasonal flavors, spices and produce from local farms.

Almanac Dogpatch SourHitting local stores now is Dogpatch Sour, a Flanders Red ale brewed with local Ranier cherries and aged in used wine barrels for 8 months, coming in at 7.5% ABV. The base beer is a traditional Belgian red ale inoculated with American and Belgian wild yeasts, then left to mature in the barrels.

Coming to shelves next week will be Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine, a Almanac Heirloom Pumpkinblend of 50% brandy-barrel aged barleywine (1 year old) and 50% fresh barleywine. After blending, the beer was spiced with allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and ginger, weighing in at 12% ABV. This was brewed with 500lbs of hand-roasted heirloom pumpkins from a nearby Northern California farm.

A bit further down the road will be a series of single-varietal wet hopped beers, but that’s all we know for now.

Find out where you can buy Almanac beer in California by visiting their site.


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