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Cantillon Zwanze 2013 is Not a Lambic

Cantillon-Zwanze-DayYes, the rumors are true. Here’s the update from Jean Van Roy, do with it what you will:

“Shortly, this Zwanze is not a Lambic. As you know, everyone can produce a abbey beer in Belgium and my goal was to brew a top fermentation “abbey style” mixed with a double spontaneous inoculation (natural one coming from the wild yeast present in the brewery and from the 10% Lambic we added after the first fermentation).

I know, we are not the first to add Brett in a abbey beer 😉

In Brussels dialect, zwanzer is joking and if we called this beer Abbaye de Cureghem, it’s to laugh about the fake legend build around some Belgian abbey beers. Cantillon is located in the Cureghem area but the Cureghem Abbey never existed!”

Check out the Zwanze Day 2013 locations here.


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