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Strawberry Short’s Cake Returns

Strawberry-Shorts-CakeThis one is just too wild to ignore. Short’s is one of those polarizing breweries on the craft beer landscape, producing everything from guava IPAs and s’mores beers to the little diddy you see above, Strawberry Short’s Cake. A golden ale brewed with fresh strawberries, milk, sugar and biscuit malts, this one lives up to the name, tasting about as close to a strawberry shortcake as beerily possible.

Just like all of their other specialty offerings, Strawberry Short’s Cake will be available at the brewery and through limited distribution within Michigan only. I wouldn’t expect this to last long, so make moves now if you’re lucky enough to live within striking distance.

Short’s Brewing Company is located at 121 N. Bridge Street in Bellaire. Check them out here.


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