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Troegs Announces Splinter Brown

Troegs Splinter BrownYou don’t recognize this color, do you? A number of beer blogs and social media outlets are reporting the latest addition to the Troegs Splinter Series after a new label surfaced this week. Splinter Brown will be the next barrel-aged creation from Hershey’s Troegs Brewing Company, which was packaged in August in 750mL bottles.

Splinter Brown is a rejuvenated version of Scratch #34, an abbey dubbel from 2 years ago that failed to re-ferment in the bottle. The beer was then transferred to wine barrels with brett, giving us the next installment in the Splinter Series.

No release date yet, but keep your eyes peeled as the brewery gave no advance warning for Splinter Gold, which sold out quickly.


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