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Troegs LaGrave and More Splinter Beers

Troegs LaGraveIf you’ve been keeping up on the latest news from Troegs Brewing Company, you probably saw the recent arrival of a corked and caged bottle filler. This shiny new piece of stainless steel will allow the Hershey, PA brewery to fill 375 and 750mL bottles, thus expanding the capability for limited releases and more Splinter Series beers.

First up is LaGrave, a bottle conditioned Belgian triple golden ale coming in at 8% ABV. This is tentatively slated for a mid-October release in 4-packs of 375mL bottles at the Troegs General Store and distribution in Pennsylvania only.

LaGrave will also “serve as the base beer for a variety of future Splinter Series releases,” so keep your eyes peeled for that, as well as the eventual debut of Splinter Brown.

Troegs Brewing Company is located at 200 East Hershey Park Dr. in Hershey. Check them out here.


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