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Cascade Brewing to Release Pumpkin Smash and Gose Bottles

Cascade Brewing Barrel HouseA pair of new sour ales are almost ready to roll out of the Cascade Brewing Barrel House in Portland, just in time for the fall season. Up first is Pumpkin Smash, a rum-barrel aged sour utilizing with over 600 pounds of pumpkins, coming in at a burly 13.5% ABV. Also hitting bottles for the first time is the Cascade Gose brewed with sea salt and spiced with coriander.

Each of these will be brewery only (no online sales), so stay tuned for release dates and limits. Cascade is also working on the final blend for Sang Noir (blended red sour ale aged in bourbon and Pinot Noir barrels with cherries).

Commercial descriptions:

Pumpkin Smash is a NW style sour old stock ale that is no trick, it’s all treat! The beer was rum barrel aged for 15 months; we then roasted more than 600 lbs of pumpkin down to 125 lbs of pure pumpkin essence, added it to the blend and additionally aged the beer for seven months. Aromas of spiced rum mingle with soft notes of roasted pumpkin and spice up front. The finish is of spice, roasted pumpkin and rum, followed by a soft warming from within. Be warned, at 13.5% ABV, you might get pumpkin smashed!

Cascade Gose is a NW style sour ale is a re-creation of a historic German beer that was nearly lost to time. It is named after the river Gose that flows through the mining town of Goslar. We brew it with sea salt to replicate the Goslar water and spice it with coriander.

Cascade Barrel House is located at 939 SE Belmont in Portland.


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