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Freetail Brewing Dia de La Muerta Nov. 2

Freetail La MuertaThe time has come – Freetail Dia de La Muerta 2013 will descend upon San Antonio on November 2 featuring the 6th release of the brewery’s smoky, chocolaty imperial stout. More bottles than ever will be available this year (133 cases), and as always the bottle share will kick off at 7:30am.

Full details from the brewery blog:

  • The bottle share will start at 7:30am. We request that no one come on the patio until this time, and there should definitely be NO ALCOHOL CONSUMED PRIOR TO THE OFFICIAL START OF THE BOTTLE SHARE. This is done for our safety and yours.
  • Upon the start of the bottle-share, numbered and color coded wristbands will be distributed. Because of the volume of bottles produced, we do not anticipate a sell-out on the first day. Wristbands will be distributed mostly to determine the order of purchasing.
  • Bottles will be $11/each and there will be no limit on the number of bottles that can be purchased. We also have bombers of Hopothesis G available for sale for $9 and some bottles of Nexus Texas for $6 (this was a beer we produced for the Master Brewers Association of America national conference in Austin). Note: prices do not include sales tax, which will be added to your total.
  • Sales of bottles will begin at 9:30am and there will be two registers open to conduct transactions. Both registers will accept cash or credit cards, but we will state that cash is always appreciated and helps things move more smoothly.
  • At 10:35am we will make a 10 minute announcement and at 10:45am the bottle share will need to come to an end so that we may prepare for open of business at 11am.

The tap list:

Freetail Dia de la Muerta

Read about the full history of La Muerta on the Freetail blog.

Freetail Brewing Company is located at 4035 North Loop 1604 W #105 in San Antonio. Check them out here.


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