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Troegs Splinter Brown Available NOW

Troegs Splinter BrownTime time is NOW. Troegs Brewing Company announced the debut of Splinter Brown at the brewery today after 2+ months of bottle conditioning. That’s the good news.

Unfortunately, there will be NO to-go sales and all bottles will be sold for in-house consumption ONLY. Due to carbonation levels, “the pressure has pushed corks out of the bottling during the aging process” and the brewery is keeping these on-site for safety concerns. All bottles will be opened by a Troegs employee upon purchase.

Commercial description:

Splinter Brown’s roots extend to July 2010 with the brewing of Scratch #34, a Belgian-style Dubbel. Some of this wort made it into a “funk” tank to ferment with bacteria and a blend of ale, Brett and sherry yeasts, but a large quantity was bottled in one of the brewery’s earliest bottle-conditioning projects. When the bottles didn’t carbonate properly, a resourceful brewer blended nearly 100 cases of beer with the original “funk” tank beer and transferred it into oak barrels. Fast forward to 2013, and this beer has aged with a finely developed Brett character, but only minimal tartness. Splinter Brown’s third flavor profile was created by blending the barrel-aged beer with a fresh-brewed sour mash fermented with a Belgian yeast strain and aged for six months in French and Hungarian oak wine barrels. This unique merger of flavors has resulted in a wonderfully complex Sour Brown Ale that is truly a labor of love. Cheers!

Troegs Brewing Company is located at 200 East Hersheypark Drive in Hershey.

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