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Founders Sweet Repute Hits Distribution Starting Dec. 2

Founders Sweet ReputeIt’s Founders Backstage Series time, kids! The final release for 2013 will be Sweet Repute, a wheatwine aged in maple syrup bourbon barrels. Boozy, sweet and warming to the beery soul, this will be the 8th release in the series, weighing in at 12.6% ABV.

Some of you might be thinking “maple bourbon barrel wheatwine? that sounds familiar” – you’re right. Nemesis ’09 was in fact the same style, however Founders stated this not the same exact beer. The official word: “This is a new beer, though it may have inspiration from a beer or beers we’ve brewed in the past…”

Sweet Repute will hit limited distribution around the country beginning on Monday, December 2 and will be available in the brewery’s taproom the same week. Look for this in 750mL bottles at a suggested retail price of $17.99 – $19.99.


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