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The Bruery Shegöat and Tout Mais Le Coller Out Now

The Bruery logoMore fun and beery games coming out of The Bruery tasting room this weekend, with two new beers hitting shelves on Friday, December 13. Shegöat (weizenbock) and Tout Mais Le Coller (cream ale, collaboration with Noble Ale Works) with both be available on draft and in 750mL bottles, as well as growler fills for Reserve Society members.

Also, if you happened to miss out on the Black Tuesday online sale, you can still land a bottle by joining The Bruery Preservation Society by December 31. This quarter’s allocation includes Black Tuesday, Rueuze and Shegöat.

Commercial descriptions:

Shegöat is based on one of Patrick’s original, multiple award winning homebrew recipes. Based primarily on the traditional weizenbock style of Germany, brewed with both malted barley and wheat, the beer is rich in the flavors of bananas, cloves and caramel with a notes of cake spice hovering in the background. Just like the banana bread that großmutter used to make.

Tout Mais Le Coller: That beer name aptly translates into “everything but the stick” — perfect for a beer that is meant to clone the flavors of an orange cream popcicle. We brewed this cream ale with our friends from Noble Ale Works, adding a confident dosing of both lactose and natural orange flavor, creating a beverage that will remind you of your youth. A sweet and creamy mouthfeel with that unforgetable bittersweet bite of an orange, peel and all.

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