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Breakside Brewery Holiday Bottle Release and Cellar Reserve Memberships Dec. 21

Breakside-Brewery-logoTons of news coming out of Portland’s Breakside Brewery this week, including an exclusive holiday bottle release and the announcement of their own Cellar Reserve club. All of this coincides with the brewery’s 100th beer release, which will debut along with a trio of limited bottles at 10 am on Saturday, December 21 at their taproom in Milwaukie.

The beers:

  • Aquavit Barrel­-Aged Braggot: Honey ale aged for eight months in a Krogstad Aquavit barrel with strong notes of anise and caraway, restrained oak and a rounded finish. A unique, golden barrel-aged beer. 10.2% ABV
  • Bourbon Woody: The latest release from our barrel-aging program is a blend of two beers – It is 80% English old ale aged in Bourbon barrels for seven months and 20% freshly brewed English strong ale. The result is a complex strong beer with strong bourbon notes, a firm body, and a bright effervescence. 10% ABV
  • Beaujolais avec Brett: In celebration of the release of the 2013 Beaujolais Nouveau, we release our own tribute to the Gamay grape. A strong sour ale fermented with wild yeast and bacteria that pours a beautiful violet color. the Oregon­grown Gamay grapes used in this beer come to us courtesy of Tom and Kate Monroe of the SE Wine Collective. bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces for added complexity and cellarability. Wine and beer together forever! 8.2% ABV

Each of these three limited beers will only be available at the brewery and quantities are limited (obviously), so don’t expect to see them around town. The release party will also feature Breakside’s 100th unique beer, Safe Word Triple IPA, which comes in at 11.1% ABV and 140 IBU thanks to over 7 pounds of hops per barrel and not one, but TWO separate dry-hoppings.

Breakside-Brewery-Cellar-ReserveBreakside will unveil their Cellar Reserve program on Saturday, December 21 during the holiday bottle release, with registration open to only 80 members. The first beers are expected by May 2014, and YES – mules will be allowed. Here’s the details from the brewery newsletter:

$200 entry fee; limited to 80 members in 2014. Registration begins December 21st, 2013. First beers May 2014.


  • 2 Cellar Reserve exclusive stemware glasses
  • 2014 Cellar Reserve T­shirt
  • First right of refusal for next year’s membership
  • Invitations to two Private Cellar Club release events in July and December
  • Free entry to the 2014 Breakside Anniversary Party in May

­2 x 5 different Barrel-aged beers (each release includes (2) 750 ml bottles per release, additional purchases available if the yield permits) to be released throughout the year. Cellar Reserve Member beers bottled for 2014 will ONLY be sold through this program and will not be available at retail (except for the odd keg or two for special events)

Planned 2014 Beers:

  • ”Ansatz” Bourbon Barrel­-Aged Smoked Bock (Late Q2 2014)
  • “Apollo & Dionysus” Gin Barrel­-Aged Sour Saison w Flowers (Q3 2014)
  • “Habitus” Gin Barrel-­Aged Triple IPA (Q3 2014)
  • “Jouissance” Barrel­-Aged Wild Beer (Q4)
  • “Bricolage” Barrel­-Aged Sour Fruit Beer (Q4)

Access to purchase specialty bottle releases at 15% discount (subject to allocation limits) As well as receiving the above listed beers and merchandise, the following beers are planned for release from our Barrel Cellar in 2014 and available to Cellar Reserve Members first with a 15% discount (subject to allocation limits). Please note that these beers will likely be available to the public for purchase. As a Cellar Reserve Member you are guaranteed the first opportunity to purchase these beers, to some limitation, before they go on sale to the public.

  • Rye Barrel-­Aged Barleywine
  • Bourbon Barrel-­Aged Aztec Ale
  • Bourbon Barrel-­Aged Baltic Porter with Cacao Nibs
  • Rye Barrel-­Aged Belgian Strong Dark Ale
  • TBD Bourbon Barrel­-Aged Beer

Cellar Reserve Memberships open to individuals over the age of 21 only, and must be picked up in person by the member or a designated mule. If you reside outside of the Portland area and decide to purchase a Cellar Reserve Membership make sure to designate an Oregon Mule or you are responsible for picking up your allocation which will be held at the Milwaukie, OR brewery until December 31, 2014, at which point it is forfeit. No shipping or refunds.

Breakside Taproom & Brewery is located at 5821 SE International Way in Milwaukie. Check them out here.

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