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Jester King La Vie en Rose Coming Soon

jester-king-la-vie-en-roseThe experimentation with wild yeasts and fruits continues at Jester King in 2014, beginning with the introduction of La Vie en Rose on Friday, January 3. For this farmhouse ale, brewers took the same raspberries used to produce Atrial Rubicite and added them to the beer for a secondary extraction of fruit flavor and aroma.

The details:

  • A firkin of La Vie en Rose will be tapped at 5pm on Friday, January 3 at the brewery
  • Draft pours will be available throughout the weekend
  • 750mL bottles will be released “in January or February once labels are ready”

Commercial description:

The total fermentation time for La Vie en Rose is approximately four months. During the first month, the beer was fermented with our house blend of brewer’s yeasts, Brettanomyces yeasts, naturally occurring wild yeasts native to our land in the Texas Hill Country, and souring bacteria prior to the addition of fruit. It then spent the next two months refermenting with raspberries, followed by a final month refermenting in bottles, kegs and casks. Like everything we brew at Jester King, La Vie en Rose was given lots of time so as to ferment to complete dryness. It finishes at 6.2% alcohol by volume, with a final gravity of 1.000, and a pH of 3.8.

Check out the full details here.

Jester King Brewery is located at 13005 Fitzhugh Rd., Bldg. B in Austin.


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