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Southampton Publick House Bottle Release Feb. 8

Southampton-Publick-HouseIt’s been a little while since Southampton Publick House hosted a proper bottle release following the departure of longtime Brewmaster Phil Markowski in early 2012. Word is the brewery-restaurant nestled on the South Shore of Long Island will debut 3 bottles on Saturday, February 8 at 11am.

The beers:

  • Imperial Russian Stout
  • Double Ice Bock
  • Scotch Ale

Specific details on pricing, limits, etc are all TBA.

UPDATE 1/23 The details:

  • Numbered order sheets will be handed out at 9am
  • The brewery asks that everyone lineup in order by 11am
  • Imperial Russian Stout – $16 per 750mL bottle, limit 3 per person, 550 bottles produced
  • Scotch Ale – $16 per 750mL bottle, limit 3 per person, 550 bottles produced
  • Double Ice Bock – $15 per 7oz bottle, limit 1 per person, 140 bottles produced
  • Imperial Russian Stout and Scotch Ale will both be on tap all day
  • Bottles of Saison Deluxe ’12, Grand Cru ’12 and Abbot 12 ’14 will also be available
  • All bottle limits subject to change

Commercial descriptions:

Southampton Russian Imperial Stout is a strong version of English Stout, which was called “Imperial” because this type of special brew was exported to the Czar’s court in imperial Russia by the British in the 1800’s. This pitch black beer is brewed with 8 different malts to give it great complexity of flavor. 10.5% Alcohol by volume.

Southampton Scotch Ale is an authentic version of the classic full bodied Scottish Wee Heavy that is brewed for export. Brewed with traditional Scottish “Golden Promise” malt to deliver the biscuity, slight vanilla character and balanced with imported UK hops. 8.4% Alcohol by volume.

Southampton Double Ice Bock is based off of a traditional German-style Bock beer. This German lager beer is rich and malty and brewed to an alcohol strength of 6-7%. “Ice Bock” is produced when a Bock beer is partially frozen in order to increase it’s alcohol content. In this process, some of the water content turns to ice, effectively strengthening the flavor and alcohol of the beer. We take this process one step further. After the initial freezing, the beer is decanted off the ice and frozen a second time. The resulting beer is a deceptively smooth and amazingly strong lager. 18% Alcohol by volume.

Southampton Publick House is located at 40 Bowden Square in Southampton.


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