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Jack’s Abby Coffee and Vanilla Barrel-Aged Framinghammer Available TODAY

Jacks-abby-coffee-barrel-aged-framinghammer Jacks-abby-vanilla-barrel-aged-framinghammer











It’s time! Following the release of regular Barrel-Aged Framinghammer on January 16, Jack’s Abby is ready to debut bottles of Coffee Barrel-Aged Framinghammer and Vanilla Barrel-Aged Framinghammer TODAY at the brewery beginning when the tasting room opens at noon. Each of these are the same bourbon barrel-aged Baltic porter you’ve come to love but with an extra boost of coffee or vanilla in each respective beer.

The details:

  • $10 per 500mL bottle
  • Limit 6 of each variant per person
  • The brewery hopes to have enough to last until Saturday but will keep a few cases in reserve just in case

Jack’s Abby Brewing is located at 81 Morton Street in Framingham. Check them out here.

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