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Kuhnhenn March Meadness 2014 Details

Kuhnhenn Brewing CoAnd now, a quick break from our regularly scheduled beery programming for a bit of Kuhnhenn mead chatter. March Meadness is set to return for 2014 on Saturday, March 1 with a few changes from last year’s festivities. Due to the extreme cold which slowed fermentation and problems with the brewery’s large fermentor, less meads will be available, which prompted Kuhnhenn to switch from daily to weekly releases. Also, the renowned French Toast mead will not be ready until April or May so don’t expect this one during the event. The details:

  • Releases will be held on Saturdays (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd) at 11am
  • 4 meads will be available each Saturday
  • Available bottles, prices and limits will be posted each Thursday on Facebook

Release 1 – March 1:

  • Earl Grey (Barrel aged): Earl Grey tea infused Michigan Wildflower Mead-fermented and aged nearly three years in an oak wine barrel. $20, Limit 1
  • Maple Creme Sherry Pyment: This is Creme Sherry and maple syrup blended with our Sunflower Mead. Rich and nutty. $22, limit 1
  • Blueberry Melomel: This is Sunflower Mead flavored with copious amounts of Michigan blueberry puree. Lots of fruit with a dry finish. $18 limit, 6
  • Meanwhile……Apricot Chamomile: Sunflower Honey and Apricots give this mead sweetness and fruitiness. While the Chamomile gives it floral characteristics. Complex and pleasant. $18, limit 1

Release 2 – March 8:

  • Maximum Manhattan: This is our Manhattan Project with an additional four times the amount of cherries! It is intense and incredible. $37.50 per 375ml bottle. Limit 2
  • Meanwhile…..Blackberry Lavender: Sunflower mead with a complex blend of fruit and floral notes. $18 limit 1
  • Meanwhile…..Raspberry Passion Flower: Sunflower Mead with raspberries that had a dry herbal finish. $18 limit 1
  • Barrel Aged Michigan Wildflower Mead: This is a Wildflower mead that aged in an oak barrel for nearly three years. $20 limit 1

Release 3 – March 15:

  • Happiness is…..: This is a dry sack mead. Orange blossom honey gives this light mead plenty of citrus flavors and aromas. This is a dry mead….NOT sweet. $18, limit 3
  • Meanwhile…..Blueberry Yarrow: This is Sunflower Mead flavored with blueberries and Yarrow Flowers. It is slightly sweet with lot’s of blueberry flavors and aromas. The Yarrow give this mead an earthy/dry character. $18, limit 1
  • Barrel Aged Ginger: This is our three y/o barrel aged Michigan Wildflower with lots of ginger added. Sweet and spicy! $20, limit 1
  • Chocolate Raspberry Port Pyment: This is Orange Blossom mead with Chocolate Raspberry Port added. A dessert in every sip! $22, limit 1

Release 4 – March 22:

  • Orange Blossom Sack: This is a dessert-styled mead. Sweet and rich with great orange blossom character. $18 limit 1
  • Meanwhile……Lemon/Lavender: The lemon in this is the perfect accompaniment to the perfumey lavender. $18 limit 1
  • Barrel-Aged Vanilla Gorilla: This is our barrel aged Michigan Wildflower blended with a ridiculous amount of two types of super-premium vanilla beans. $20 limit 1
  • Cherry Port Pyment: This is our fabulous Port wine blended with Michigan Montmorency cherries and mead. $22 limit 1

Release 5 – March 29:

  • Meanwhile……Peach Marigold – This is sweet peach and pungent Calendula Marigolds. It is sweet with a long herbal finish.
  • $18 limit 1
  • Meanwhile……Kit & Kaboodle – This is an unfiltered blend of all the “Meanwhile…” meads. Lots of fruit and lots of hebal/flower character. $18 limit 2
  • California Muscato Pyment – California Muscato wine is blended with Sunflower Mead and Citrus Blossom Session mead. It is smooth with a fuller body and a crisp finish $18 limit 3
  • Barrel Aged Hibiscus – This is deep red with loads of hibiscus flavor and aroma. The acidity in the mead is dwarfed by that of the hibiscus. Tasty! $20 limit 1
  • Barrel Aged Rhodomel – This is Barrel-Aged Michigan Wildflower Mead blended with rosehips. Floral and refreshing. $20 limit 1

Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. is located at 5919 Chicago Road in Warren, MI.


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