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Alpine Beer Company Update: Keene Idea and Exponential Hoppiness

Alpine Beer CompanyZOMG the hops! Alpine Beer Company is busy cranking out some of the best IPAs in the country this winter, including two of their most sought-after gems, Keene Idea and Exponential Hoppiness. Both of these are ludicrously delicious and in extremely limited supply, so schedule a trip to San Diego county like, now (even if it’s not just for the beer).

The details:

  • Friday, February 28: Keene Idea available on draft and for growler fills
  • Thursday, March 6: Exponential Hoppiness available on draft and in limited 22oz bottles (no growlers)

Commercial description:

Exponential Hoppiness: A triple IPA which is deceptively mild for its strength. This Hop Monster starts by using multiple kettle hop additions, with each addition doubling the amount of the previous addition (exponentially). Add in the giant hop-back and the two dry hopping sessions and you’re almost there. The beer is finished off with a couple of “body-bag” sized hop sacks full of hop flowers and oak chips. Then it ages and mellows, diguising the alcohol content for a strong, incredibly hoppy, yet truly enjoyable beer. 11% ABV

Keene Idea: A West Coast double IPA. Originally known as Double Nelson and brewed for Toronado’s 25th anniversary. 8.8% ABV

Alpine Beer Company is located at 2363 Alpine Blvd in Alpine, CA.


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