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Three Floyds Dark Lord Day 2014 Announced for Apr. 26

Dark Lord Day 2014Here we go again – the 2014 installment of Three Floyds Dark Lord Day is officially slated for Saturday, April 26 at the brewery in Munster. Centered around the release of their iconic imperial stout, Dark Lord Day will draw thousands of craft beer fans from around the country for another epic day of bottle sharing, coffee, metal, flannel and beards.

Details are still trickling out of the brewery (as they always do), but the official website has been updated with a new batch of info for 2014. Here’s some of the important points so far…

The details:

  • Golden Tickets go on sale Monday, March 17 at 12pm CST
  • Tickets are required to enter the festival
  • $30 per ticket, limit 2 per person
  • Purchaser’s name will be printed on tickets and IDs will be checked at the door to prevent reselling
  • 1 allotment of Dark Lord per person (buying 2 tickets does not get you an extra set)
  • Each Golden Ticket will have a scratch-off portion, winners will be able to purchase a bottle of Barrel-Aged Dark Lord
  • The brewpub will not be open this year


  • 10am Doors and beer sales open
  • Group A Dark Lord sales start
  • 12pm Entertainment begins
  • Group B Dark Lord sales start
  • 2pm Group C Dark Lord sales start
  • 4pm Group D Dark Lord sales start
  • 6pm Group E Dark Lord sales start
  • 10pm Event Ends

Commercial description:

Dark Lord is a gargantuan Russian Style Imperial Stout, with a reverse cascading head that starts out billowing the color of burnt oil like the Dark Lord rising from the black primordial beginnings. Its resonant vinous aroma has been described as cherries, sweet malt, molasses, burnt currants, plums with a port wine alcohol undertow. Mochachino notes buried within. Motor oil consistency, hellishly smooth yet divinely burnt and vinous. The first sip coats your palate with a palatial charred fruit and chocolate blanket. Alcohol burn wiggles its way down your throat with a thick body.

Three Floyds Brewing is located at 9750 Indiana Pkwy in Munster, IN.


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