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Upright Jeux d’eau Debuts Mar. 8

Upright Jeux d'eauDubbed the companion beer to their lauded wild ale with peaches, Fantasia, Upright Jeux d’eau will be the next release coming out of this Pacific Northwest brewery on Saturday, March 8 at 1pm. The info sheet above breaks it down sports analyst style, but for the TL;DR crowd, this will be a lambic-inspired ale fermented in oak casks with about a half ton of fresh Muscat grapes the brewers painstakingly destemmed by hand (holy crap).

The batch only produced 107 cases of Jeux d’eau, so expect this one to go fairly quickly at the brewery. Price and limits TBA. UPDATE 3/5: $20 per 750mL bottle, limit 3 per person

Upright Brewing is located at 240 N. Broadway Suite 002 in Portland, OR.

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