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Next Alchemist Can Release: The Crusher and Beelzebub Mar. 8

The Alchemist The CrusherReady for round 2 of The Alchemist truck sale series? Following the release of Focal Banger and Petit Mutant last month, one of Vermont’s favorite breweries has announced their next sale for Saturday, March 8 at 11am. This will be held at the same location as last time, featuring a pair of old favorites from their brewpub days – The Crusher and Beelzebub.

  • Release location is at Pilgrim Park and Railroad Street in Waterbury, the old station lumber site next to the train station
  • People can begin lining up at 9am (please do not arrive earlier) and sales begin at 11am
  • Limit (3) 4-packs of each beer per person
  • Mixed cases available with (3) 4-packs of each beer for $80, individual pricing will be $15 per 4-pack or $3.75 per single can
  • At least 250 mixed cases will be available
  • Heady Topper will also be for sale at $75 per case or $12.50 per 4-pack, limit 1 per person, 100 cases available

Commercial descriptions:

The Crusher is an American Double IPA that I started making years ago at the old pub. Hop heads were constantly asking for more hops. So, in the words of Frank Zappa, “Did you say you want some more? Well here’s some more.” While I enjoy hops with the rest of them, I still try to maintain some semblance of balance and drinkability. This beer is oozing with hop flavor and aroma with a very dry finish. Enjoy responsibly, this one can sneak up on you. 9.6% ABV.

Beelzebub is an American Imperial Stout. The intensely smooth and rich roasted flavor is complemented by the unmistakable presence of hops. The bitterness is held in check, preserving the flavors of dark chocolate. This ale is aggressively dry hopped with Citra to cut through it all. Hail Santa. 8% ABV.

Read more on The Alchemist blog.

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