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The Lost Abbey Veritas 013 Bottle Release Apr. 4

The Lost AbbeySo what is it this time? The Lost Abbey will unleash the latest bottle in their one-off series, Veritas 013, via online sale on beginning at 11am on Friday, April 4. Some of you might remember how ridiculously poor the Duck Duck Gooze sale went (seriously made The Bruery Black Tuesday release seem like a pleasure cruise), so cross your collective fingers that the brewery has this straightened out.

Veritas 013 is an American sour ale aged in French oak barrels for nearly 2 years with honey, peaches and nectarines.

The details:

  • $40 per 750mL bottle (+ $1 convenience charge lol)
  • Limit 4 bottles per person
  • Bottles must be picked up on Saturday, April 18 at The Lost Abbey (2 sessions available)
  • NO proxies allowed (read more)
  • Any bottles not picked up will be surrendered back to the brewery

Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey is located at 155 Mata Way, Suite 104 in San Marcos, CA.

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