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Almanac Farmer’s Reserve Blackberry Arrives in Late April

Almanac-Farmers-Reserve-BlackberryThe season of sour continues! Almanac Beer Co. is unleashing another one of their popular barrel-aged Farm to Barrel beers in late April, as Farmer’s Reserve Blackberry returns to store shelves. This is a sour blonde ale aged in wine barrels with loads of local blackberries, coming in at 7% ABV.

Look for Farmer’s Reserve Blackberry in 375mL bottles and draft throughout California later this month. Check out the Almanac site to see where you can track these tasty gems down.

Commercial description:

We love blackberries. Tart, sweet and complex but guarded by thorny branches, these alluring fruit have been a favorite of ours since we added them to our very first beer. This sour blonde ale is infused with loads of coastal Blackberries from Swanton Berry Farm in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains and aged in wine barrels for many months. Pair with duck dishes and summer salads.


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