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Great South Bay Marauder Bottle Release May 3

Great South Bay MarauderLong Island stand up! Great South Bay Brewery is unleashing a limited amount of their Marauder Bourbon Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale on Saturday, May 3 at noon in the tasting room. This is a malty monster of a scotch ale aged in oak bourbon barrels for 3 months, weighing in at 10% ABV.

The details:

  • $15 per 22oz bottle
  • No limit – first come, first served
  • Draft will also be available

Commercial description:

Marauder is not your ordinary scotch style ale. Consisting of a larger than life grain bill that starts with our base malt and roasted barley, we pack our mash tun full of an immense amount of crushed grains. Once the mash has completed we draw off a portion of the wort and begin a kettle caramelization process turning this dark liquid into a syrup-like consistency to bring out the full, rich flavors of the malt. Once this process has been completed we add this syrup into the boil with the rest of wort and continue on with an intensely long boil to further concentrate the fermentable sugars. After a lengthy fermentation process, Marauder emerges with an alcohol content that will slay the masses. If that wasn’t enough, this beer escaped into hibernation inside oak barrels for 3 months where it soaked up the bourbon character of the oak. With one taste, Marauder will snare your senses with the full malt flavor, bourbon notes, and caramel sweetness. Don’t even think about turning your back on Marauder…or you’ll be sorry! 10% ABV

Great South Bay Brewery is located at 25 Drexel Drive in Bay Shore, NY.


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