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Surly Pentagram Returns Next Week

Surly PentagramThe funky and dark one known as Surly Pentagram is almost ready to return in 2014, beginning with a release party at Amsterdam Beer and Hall in St. Paul on Friday, May 9 at 4pm. While the party will be a draft only event to celebrate the latest vintage of this 100% Brett fermented ale, 750mL bottles are slated to hit distribution throughout the Twin Cities area the following week. Be prepared to act pretty quickly on this one, as Surly’s limited or seasonal offerings typically don’t linger around too long on shelves.

More details for the release party here.

Commercial description:

100% Brettanomyces dark beer fermented in stainless and aged in used red wine barrels. Brettanomyces is a unique yeast strain that produces flavors that would be considered offensive if they were not intentional. Flavors of sour cherry, tobacco, oak and classic Brett barnyard funk balanced by Dark Munich malt chewiness. Enjoy immediately or age at cellar temperature for a couple of years. 6.66% ABV


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