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Cigar City Rum and Bourbon Barrel Marshal Zhukov’s Coming

Cigar City BrewingA little bit of fun barrel-aged news coming out of Cigar City Brewing – it appears there will be two versions of Marshal Zhukov’s getting bottled up, featuring both rum and bourbon barrel treatments. While this hefty imperial stout has already been barrel-aged every which way, this appears to be the first time it will go into some sort of proper production (short of super limited growlers and Double Barrel Zhukov’s getting bottled in 2010).

If Rum Barrel Marshal Zhukov’s and Bourbon Barrel Marshal Zhukov’s weren’t enough, Leon will also be returning. This brandy barrel-aged barleywine whipped up a pretty big stir last time around, so expect to see plenty of chatter/commotion around these bottles when they finally drop. Will they be Catador Club exclusive? Will they be raffled off to various corners of Florida? Will they be released during an event where tickets are oversold/counterfeited? Your guess is as good as mine.

Check out the labels:

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