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Hair of the Dog Large Format Bottles Available May 29

Hair-of-the-Dog-bottlesUm, whoa. So Alan Sprints dropped a little bomb on Facebook today, announcing the availability of 1L and 3L Hair of the Dog bottles at the brewery on Thursday, May 29. These are rarely ever for sale and obviously mind-numbingly difficult to trade for, so this might be your only chance to land one of these beasts for the foreseeable future. Seriously, check that 1L Adam from the Wood bottle. ::jawdrops::

The beers:

  • Adam 3L
  • Doggie Claws 3L
  • Adam from the Wood 1L
  • Otto 1L

Details on pricing and limits are TBA but expect these to be pretty pricey.

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company is located at 61 SE Yamhill Street in Portland, OR.


One response

  1. Prices were:
    1 Liter Adam from the Wood 2014 $60
    1 Liter Otto $70

    3 Liter Adam Batch 93 $60
    3 Liter Doggie Claws 2013 $70

    They were also selling Cherry Adam from the Wood for $10 a bottle or $200 per case of 24.

    June 3, 2014 at 2:11 pm

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