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Troegs Splinter Nebulous Coming Soon

Troegs Splinter NebulousAnother little diddy coming out of Pennsylvania sometime soon – the next installment in the Troegs Splinter Series! Splinter Nebulous looks to be on the way sometime soon, as the label for their latest barrel-aged project has begun surfacing online in recent weeks. This will be a barrel-aged Triple refermented with Brett, packaged in 375mL bottles (the first time for this series).

All of the previous Splinter beers have been limited to brewery-only sales, with the last couple (Splinter Brown and Splinter Gold) releasing without an advance warning. Keep your eyes on their Facebook and Twitter accounts since these always seem to go pretty quickly.

Commercial description:

Nebulous begins its journey with a vague sense of direction, but with a specific destination in mind. Originating from the roots of LaGrave, this barrel-aged Triple Ale was re-fermented with Brettanomyces to release a subtle tartness punctuated with hints of vanilla, toasted coconut, and wet hay. Bottle conditioned and highly carbonated, simply pop the cork, pour into a chalice and savor!


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