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Block 15 Sticky Hands, The Kine Release July 5

Block-15-BreweryPass the Sticky Hands on the left hand side…uh, excuse me. Block 15’s monthly drop of their Sticky Hands Imperial IPA is upon us, releasing at the brewery this weekend. Sticky Hands, The Kine is a specially double dry-hopped version, emitting waves of dank hoppy tastiness straight from the bottle to your face.

The details:

  • Draft available on Friday, July 4
  • Bottles on sale Saturday, July 5
  • $8.50 per 750mL bottle
  • Limit 4 bottles per person

Commercial description:

Dank, sticky, heady, grassy, green, resinous, herbal nuggets…realistic hop character descriptors or catchy marketing? Hops and cannabis are both in the family cannabinaceae from which primary aromas are due to myrcene, beta-pinene and alpha-humulene. These similar aromatic compounds are also what give both of their buds unique aromas. This version of sticky hands was brewed and double dry hopped with hops high in these aromatic compounds and then balanced with tropical undertones. A dank, sticky, resinous beer brewed with the most kine buds grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery is located at 300 SW Jefferson Ave in Corvallis, OR.


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