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Almanac Cerise Sour Blond Coming Soon

Almanac Cerise Sour BlondThe Almanac Farm to Barrel series just keeps on rolling right along this summer, featuring Cerise Sour Blond as the next release slated for the lovely month of July. Similar to other installments in the series, this was aged in used wine barrels with California-grown fruits to deliver the true ‘farm to barrel’ experience Almanac seeks to deliver with each one of these beers. Blond ale + local cherries + wine barrels = Cerise Sour Blond.

This will hit their distribution footprint this month in limited 375mL bottles and draft.

Commercial description:

This beer is inspired by the long and hot summer days in the San Joaquin Valley—the fertile basin that yields much of California’s bountiful produce. This tart blond ale was brewed with Rainier and Bing cherries from Bella Viva Orchards and fermented with our house sour culture and aged for many months in used wine barrels to create a tart, cherry-kissed wild ale. 7% ABV


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