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Cycle Brewing RareR DOS Bottle Release Today

Cycle Brewing…with the operative word being “bottle.” The Cycle Brewing and Peg’s Cantina team will unveil 22oz bottles (yes, real live bottles, not growlers) of their renowned rum barrel-aged imperial stout, RareR DOS today, July 22 at 3pm. Let’s jump right into it.

The details:

  • $20 per 22oz bottle
  • Limit will be set based on turnout (rumor is it could possibly be up to 1 case per person)
  • Draft will be available, $9 per snifter

Commercial description:

Aged for hundreds of thousands of minutes inside Prichard’s Rum barrels, RareR DOS remains locked away. With good behavior, it has been released back into the wilds of society. Sip with caution.

Cycle Brewing is located at 534 Central Ave in St. Petersburg, FL.


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